Spin Fishing in Serbia


                                    Huchen fishing on Drina River

                                 An absolute highlight of all our fishing trip programs!

                              The huchen is definitely the prize fish of all Balkan rivers.





Enjoy on Drina River an absolute world-class Huchen fishing adventure!  Waters with absolutely unique biological structure- arising thereby an abundant food supply. The catch of the more than 60 pounds heavy Huchen is possible and fishes between 10 and 30 pounds can be hooked daily!

Rods with a length of 2.70 to 3.00 meters and a casting weight between 100-180g depending on the manufacturer are the first choice. The reels should roll on big fish, as known from carp and catfish fishing. With a length of at least 200 yards and braid lines of 60lb + class complete the picture eventually. The lure must be cast at least 60-100 meters around to get at good points. Therefore, it is suggested to work with silicon lure (up to 80g) to provide the necessary throw.


7 days fishing offer


- round trip to the Belgrade Airport
- transfer to/from Drina River
- 6 full fishing days
- 7 days accommodation on HP basis (double room, TV, Wi Fi)*

- daily transfer to/from the fishing spots

-  fishing tickets

- full-time guiding

- personal assistance

* single room option

Price: 1150€ per angler.

C & R


Mladjo, the undisputed Danube-salmon-king of this area, can not be paid with money, since you can get the most important information first hand. In plain language, the fishing opportunities increase by a multiple. Occasionally, extremely large brown trout go as a by-catch on the hook. I could marvel at pictures of fish up to 13 kilograms. Fishing tackle should be no compromise.



Whoever casts his bait here- is in the valley of giants. The very first bite of a fish can be over 25 to 35 kilograms. This is of course not the rule. But countless fish caught 15 to 30 kilograms underline this absolutely unique potential of the Drina River.


At the Drina River everything is different, the river is huge, just so are the creatures that drive along up to the 1,000 meters long pool. Some are up to 20 feet deep and covered by channel-like grooves. On my last visit, we were able to observe a number of Danube salmon (4) simultaneously on the raid. With the all-day water level change of the water it is very important to have a local guide with you.


Wild huchen is the dream of every angler. All the more when it comes to flyfishing for it. It was believed for a long time that there was no way it could be caught n fly. So if the huchen happened to bite, it was merely a stroke of incredible luck. However, as the spectrum of flyfishing expanded, fly fishermen quickly found that huchen had a soft spot for the streamer.  A keen fly fisherman can also land a huchen during the autumn/winter season by casting different streamers. A huchen enthusiast carrying a fly-fishing rod in the middle of the winter has become an increasingly common sight. To land a huchen using the conventional angling technique is a highlight of its own kind, but to catch it on a fly is simply unsurpassable.

Danube Salmon from the "Old man's pool"  (29kg !!!)



C & R




Hotel is situated in the suburb of Bajina Basta town at the river bank. This fine hotel has an English speaking stuff. It has confortable double rooms and appartmets (equiped with with good heating, TV, Wi Fi). In the restoraunt our dear guests can try fine internationa cusine. The terrace (in winter under glas) give a beautiful sight on the mighjty Drina River.



The accommodation, fishermen-cottages at the very Drina River bank, are suited to the highest standards of modern tourism.

Cottages are modern and very comfortable, offering everything one needs for enjoyable stay. The capacity of each one is 4 person.

All villas’ interiors are designed in excellent quality wood, with a fireplace. Our guest have on disposal the billard-pool and barbecue corner.














"The old man`s pool" - The best pool in the world for Danube salmon fishing !


Some of the many faces of powerful Drina.