Fishing for taimen in Siberia!


Taimen fishing in North Siberia 2019


Expedition at the very end of the world!



 The northernmost Siberian River Severnaya, hides a giant Taimen you can land believing in your guide.

Away from civilisation, in our camp, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the unspoilt Nature.

During the short summer night, the Northern lights can frequently be seen. Taimen - up to40 kg(!) we cast for in deep pools as well as  on the water's surface, where he is looking for his prey.


August 2016


10-day fishing trip:

Flight to Moscow

Flight trip to Krasnoyarsk - to the base camp (about 3 hours with air boat)

7 days of fishing at the Severnaya and tributaries

Return - flight to Krasnoyarsk

Flights Moscow - Germany

Price: €2850 per rod

Minimum number of participants: 7 (individual bookings possible)

Dates for 2018:

departure from Europe

13 July

20 July

31 August

Our price includes:

·                   7 nights in the base camp

·                    3 meals a day

·                    All non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, desserts

·                    7 days full time fishing

·                    personal assistance

·                    2 x sauna

·                    daily  Trips to the fishing spots (jet-boat)

Our price does not include:

·                   The round-trip flights Germany - Moscow - Krasnoyarsk

·                    Personal expenses

·                    1 overnight in Krasnoyarsk prior to the return flight, as well as more accommodation (if it comes to the loss of flight)

·                    Other costs incurred by flight delays, baggage / natural disasters, etc.

·                    Insurance: Cancellation, interruption of stay, medical care,


.                    Taxi drives


 We also fish for the  wild Asian big trout (Lenok) and aggressive Grayling. We also visit the

Tributaries of Severnayas, no man has entered before.


August 2016

Daily tours to the best fishing spots, we reach by air boat.



August 2016


 In our camp, fresh and tasty dishes are served, are composed mainly of self-caught fish. This prepares our hostess. In the camp there is a sauna, a generator, a satellite phone and a gun/s in the event of encounters with wild animals.